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Kaa's Cub Chapter 9
Chapter 9
In that moment, Nala absolutely expected the worst. Never before in her life had she been so terrified by anything, not even Scar. She prepared for the inevitable, shut her eyes tight and braced for her demise.
But in an instant, that all changed.
As soon as she began to slip into Kaa's smily maw, a loud and vicious roar suddenly ripped through the jungle around them, catching them both entirely off guard. Nala's eyes shot open in shock, and even Kaa seemed surprised at the abrupt roar. Then turning over to where they heard it, they could see now that Simba was the one who made the roar. With the last of its echos dying off in the distance, they saw Simba was now crouching down in hunting position towards them both, now glaring maliciously at the sight. Nala gasped.
"Lion cub, what have I told you?" Kaa spat at him. "I will handle this!"
"Not anymore you won't." Simba replied through gritted teeth.
Kaa's eyes widened, as did Nala's. Although Kaa could not com
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Kaa's Cub Chapter 8
Chapter 8
Finishing her story, Nala took a deep breath as she faced Simba directly in the eye now. The whole time, the lion had been listening very intently on her words in hopes of mentally finding some recollection of her. Nala took a step forth, with her face now up to his.
"So you see..." She started. "That's why I'm here, Simba. I left here hoping to the great kings that you'd be here... and here you are. The only thing I have left to hope now is that you aren't under Kaa's control like the hyenas said."
That last part she said with sadness rising in her voice. Simba opened his mouth to say something on the matter, but in an instant every hope he had of being able to do so was shattered.
"Such a heartwarming story. I almost feel sorry for you."
Simba and Nala both jumped when they heard these words and immediately looked over to see none other than Kaa himself slithering in between them. Nala's heart in particular was beating faster as fear began to take hold. She
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Kaa's Cub Chapter 7
Chapter 7
Days ago...
Nala angrily stormed away from the massive citadel that was Pride Rock, breathing heavily as she did so and not even bothering to look anywhere but down the barren ground she walked upon. Just minutes before, the horrible dictator of a king that was Scar had tried to physically seduce her to become his queen and to produce him an heir, despite the fact that she was several years younger than him. He had tried nearly everything he could in order to convince the lioness to give herself to him, but the king's efforts proved futile.
Nala sighed to herself as she walked on, thinking about how sick Scar had to be in order to suggest such a thing. For a while she simply walked forth for a few minutes before she stopped to sit down, giving herself time to think about certain things while she rubbed her eyes with her paw. She sat herself down in the middle of what was once a lush grassy field, now reduced to nothing more than a desolate plain of s
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Kaa's Cub Chapter 6
Chapter 6
"Excellent, lion cub... excellent indeed." Kaa said as he squeezed the coil tighter around Simba's neck. "You have come a long way as expected."
A few more years had come to pass since the incident with the bear. In that time Simba had finally grown a full, vibrant red mane and was now a young adult in lion terms. As of now, he was training once more to endure Kaa's strangling grasp as his large body was held in the air by his neck. He couldn't breath at all while he scratched at the scaly coil squeezing his throat, which Kaa felt only as a minor nuisance (even if his claws were more developed). However, he knew that years of this relentless torture had let him build up a strong tolerance for the pain and he could now easily stand it for over ten minutes at a time; that is, if he really tried. One slip up and the mighty lion would be dead within seconds.
Finally, Kaa released his hold and let Simba fall to the den's ground like a sack of coconuts, where he la
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Kaa's Cub Chapter 5
Chapter 5 by WTF123
As more time had come to pass, Kaa had in fact shown Simba some techniques on how to hunt that he had observed from other predators he constricted in the past. The python started him off with catching and killing smaller animals like lizards or birds since he was so small. But over the duration of a year or so as his claws slowly developed more, he gradually moved on to larger kills.
Not only was the lion slowly getting better at killing larger prey, but he was also getting much older too. His mane was beginning to grow around his head, he grew larger and more robust in physical form, and his claws were already close to being fully developed. Kaa was nothing short of pleased with Simba's maturing form and his progressing strength which was helping immensely with the hunting. But then as time went on, Kaa decided that the time had come for Simba's first true test in his developing skills.
One morning as the sun's warm rays of light penetrated th
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Kaa's Cub Chapter 4
Chapter 4
Some time had passed after the incident with the panther, and since then young Simba had proven to be progressively experienced at luring in prey to Kaa at his will, leaving the python to only have to do half of the dirty work himself. No longer did he have to carefully sneak up on his prey without making a sound, for now he had an unsuspecting cub to do that for him. He was proving to be more useful than he had originally envisioned.
But still, Kaa was not entirely pleased just yet. For although he was glad that Simba was helping him, there was still the matter of having to strangle and constrict his prey once the cub led it to him. More often than not it would still be difficult to constrict them fully, especially with the larger animals Simba would antagonize.
One morning after a particularly successful kill thanks to Simba, the python simply rested inside the den and watched as the cub darted across the ground and swatted his paws at a fly from outside, c
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Kaa's Cub Chapter 3
Chapter 3
At sunset later that day, which was the time when Kaa would usually take to his dinner meal, Kaa had led Simba to a clearing in the jungle some distance away from the den, with lush plants surrounding them on all sides as the day's progressively dimming light streamed through the trees. With the mists all along the ground beginning to thin at last, Simba took a step up to Kaa.
"Why are we here?" He asked innocently. Kaa gave him a devious smile.
"Oh you will see soon enough, Simba."
The python used the tip of his tail to point to the thick bushes just behind the cub, prompting him to turn around and look onward.
"Do you see those bushes?" Kaa asked. Simba nodded. "Well beyond there lives a nasty old panther who... says that he's the mightiest beast in all the jungle!"
That last part he added in some intentional melodrama to be sure he had Simba's attention, which seemed to work based on how the cub suddenly stood up so quickly.
"Pfft, he can't be so tough!" S
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Kaa's Cub chapter 2
Chapter 2
Slowly opening his eyes, the poor young cub awoke from his dreamless slumber and got up to stretch himself out. Smacking his lips, he found that they were loosely dripping wet, indicating that he had been given water in his sleep some time ago. Glancing to his right, he could see that he was on the inside of some kind of dark, stony den of some sort, which confused him to a rather large extent.
Upon looking behind him, he saw that the jungle was beyond the den's shadows, with the sun past its highest point and already beginning to set. Some of the low-lying fog that covered the jungle ground in all directions was crawling its way to the inside, going about as high as his paws. The sight was uncomfortably eerie to such a young cub as himself.
When Simba turned to his left, however, his eyes laid upon that of Kaa himself looming over him, making him shudder in shock. Even though his instincts told him to run, Simba unexpectedly walked closer with wide-eyed curi
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Kaa's Cub Chapter 1
Chapter 1
Simba's eyes opened to the sight of something he never could have expected for the life of him. His head arose tiredly before his eyes widened suddenly. The young cub found himself laying on his stomach against a soft ground, clearly not in the desert anymore. The air around him was much cooler than it was before, but also more moist at the same time. He cocked his head while he stood up, gently rubbing his eyes with his paw. He groaned.
"W-what happened? Where am I?" He asked just waking up. Simba thought for certain some time ago that he was going to die out in the desert, but yet here he was alive and well... at least physically.
The cub mentally recollected the events that had led him into the desert in the first place, thinking of how he felt as though he were responsible for the death of his father. He sighed.
"Oh yeah... that's right." He said solemnly to himself, resisting the urge to break down in tears once more.
But as much as he may have wanted to
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Kaa's Cub: Prologue
Written by me and edited by WTF123 on
The high noon sun streamed down throughout the African jungle canopy, hot and searing as it always was. Amongst the lush plant life and gorgeous views that could be found within this region, other things dwelled that some would deem unworthy of living there. The cunning, manipulative python that was Kaa felt to be in high spirits as he slithered on the moist, yet lush Jungle floor in the middle of the day. He had managed to find a meerkat and a large warthog on one of his monthly hunts last night as they were singing an odd tune about sleeping lion of all things. He had grabbed the meerkat with his tail by the neck, and ignoring his bellowing squeals for mercy, Kaa had swallowed him whole before he knew what happened. His struggle and pleads were most entertaining as he slid down Kaa's gullet. Next, he hypnotized the warthog accompanying the meerkat, but the poor fool hardly put up a fight as Kaa gulped him down as well. This had ha
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Chibiusa works the twerk and shakes her butt by matt0044
Mature content
Chibiusa works the twerk and shakes her butt :iconmatt0044:matt0044 5 10
Chapter 4: A Feline Felony part 2
After putting Purrloin's Poke Ball in her pocket, Hilda went over to tend to Oshawott who laid down after the battle. Taking out her capsule case, she decapsulized a first aid kit that contained a few Potions, Antidotes and other medical supplies meant for Pokemon. She took a Potion and began spraying Oshawott so he'd heal faster. He cringed as his wound stung but soon it was all over with him back at full-strength.
Pidove flew off from his branch to speak to Hilda, landing on the ground. [So Hilda,] he asked, [out of curiosity, you're not thinking of keeping Purrloin, are you?]
"Not really," answered Hilda. "Though I'll definitely stick to my word if she helps us out with this."
Oshawott heard footsteps coming from behind him and heard voices he recognized all too well. [Um, guys,] he said, gulping fearfully. [I think they may've found us.]
Hilda and Pidove were visibly aghast but didn't make a sound as they too soon heard footsteps and voices, the latter belonging to the ones called
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Chapter 4: A Feline Felony part 1
Chapter 4: A Feline Felony
Purrloin could hardly contain her joy as she watched Patrick picking berries for lunch from behind the tree, smiling mischievously at her prey and licking her lips at the berries. It had been a hard time finding rubes to get a rise out of and food to please her constant cravings but at last she found some potential entertainment and a snack to relieve her boredom. As she awaited the time to strike, the Devious Pokemon almost felt sorry for the poor sap. "Almost" being the key word. Besides, in the woods, it was survival of the fittest or however the humans said it.
Blissfully ignorant of anyone snooping around, Patrick placed one last Oran Berry onto a big leaf along with five others, planning to split them between him and his big brother, Watcher, once he came to get him. Feeling a tad peckish at the moment, he decided to take one of his share ahead of time to eat for himself. However, as he began to put it in his mouth, a violet blur sped by and snatched it
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Chapter 3: For The Bird part 2
[...and Oshawott was there in a black cage on the left desk,] Pidove finished with his report. [That's about it from me. I don't think I forgot anything.]
"Good, good," said Hilda as she finished up drawing her diagram of the campsite with a pen and notebook Cheren provided. She turned it around to show Pidove what she came up with. "Does this pretty much sum things up?"
[Yeah,] said Pidove. [Well, I think. Hate to be blunt but your artistic skills are pretty bad.]
"We're pressed for time as it is," retorted Hilda, pouting. "Cut me some slack."
"Don't even start, you two," said Aurea. "We have work to do."
"Yes," agreed Cedric. "Considering how much time has passed and how long it'd take for them to analyze each one thoroughly, time is on our side but we can't risk wasting it either. Not to mention that shield poses another problem. Though how they got such technology is anyone's guess."
"They'll have to lower them once they're ready to go," suggested Cheren. "Assuming they do that fir
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Chapter 3: For The Birds part 1
Chapter 3: For The Birds
"Good lord, I hate it when they put up a fight," groaned Bright. He was trying to hold onto the net but Oshawott flailed and thrashed about in attempt to escape, even trying to bite the durable ropes. Managing that and keeping a grip on his jetpacks handles proved to be challenging to say the least. He was at least glad he recapsulized the net launcher and detached the net from it.
[Lemme out!] shouted Oshawott, shaking the net up. [Let! Me! OUT! Give me back to Hilda! Now!]
"Oh, for the love of..." sighed an sleepy and irritated Vanessa as he veered in closer to Bright and looked straight at Oshawott sternly. "Look, squirt. You're about 30 or so feet up in the air and Bright's exhausted as all hell. So unless you fancy yourself a accidental 30 foot drop that I doubt even you could survive, chill out and shut up!"
Oshawott felt intimidated by Vanessa as the hopelessness of his situation began to sink in. He lost his freedom, he lost his Scalchop, he lost Hilda
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Chapter 2: Lab Rats part 2
While Bright stood guard by the door, Vanessa moved down the hallway a tad to contact Bert and Jan on her tablet phone.
"Hey, boss," said Vanessa. "The first battle is done. Hilda will be fighting in the next battle so when that Oshawott of her's is weakened in the process, we'll swipe it away from her and join you once you're done."
"That's good news," replied Bert. "We're halfway done down here and we'll all rendezvous at the back exit downstairs. Oh, and for the last time, call me Bert. 'Boss' makes you sound like some thug off the streets."
Vanessa cleared her throat indignantly at her leader's remark.
"Oh," Bert said awkwardly, "right. Sorry about that last part. Anything else to report?"
"Well," Vanessa began to say, "I did notice how Hilda seemed to be talking with her Pokemon."
"Come again?" asked Bert in confusion.
"I noticed it too," added Bright. "Her Oshawott spoke in its own language and Hilda seemed to reply like she understood what it said. You don't think she could be r
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